Home Reviews Gaming Video Games. I am of the opinion that a secondary controller like the PGCU is especially effective for RPGs, because so many of them use the entire top row of the keyboard as an assignable action bar. This means that the numbers on the keys are lit through by the backlight, which makes them easier to see in the dark. A game pad is similar to a keyboard, and it houses the most important keys that gamers use. You can also program separate actions for pressing, holding, and releasing a button.

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Back in the late ’90s Microsoft’s natural keyboard, which featured a bent layout to offer a natural hand setting did the exact same thing. I just read about the old Sidewinder Strategic Commander and seems to be a better option, unluckily not many people have tried it on FPS games.

A saitek command unit useless feature can be found in the palm rest, which is a Saitek logo which is projected on your desk in red. If you are saitek command unit to using an ordinary keyboard, the utility of an extra keyboard controller may not be immediately obvious, especially compared to simply replacing your keyboard with one of the gaming-oriented models available now.

The main programming interface is the profile editor, which lets you define actions for twenty of the buttons 21, on the palm rest, is hard coded to shift between two sets of programming and the thumb stick. Also, does the position of the mode switcher ever result in accidentally shifting modes? Ideazon and Wolfking are just two saitek command unit companies.

I really liked commanx because commandd the thumb stick, but many complain about it being feeble, saitek command unit and overall unreliable. Other than the function keys which serve essentially the same purpose as the action bar in more traditional RPGs every keyboard command in EVE requires a Shift, Alt, or Control combo.


But you can also set it — separately for each axis — to send mouse movements or keystrokes. Random Pic Click to enlarge. Have a need saitek command unit create insane macros to get the job done?

That could be disastrous, and the switch seems to be placed: For many saitek command unit now, one of the most popular gaming hardware devices has been the game pad. I mainly want to use it for guild wars, so waitek copied the start of your programming from the picture… thanks.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But I can tell you what I remember about setting up the joystick to send key presses:. For saitek command unit hand only; may be a problem for left-handed gamers. This is also were the shift key is located and you press it with the palm of your hand. The data view, shown below click to see the full size imagesaitek command unit you program actions for all three positions of the mode switch as well as the shifted actions for each.

If you program multiple events, you can set them up to fire automatically with a single press or only while you hold the button down. I could saitek command unit knit profile thats fairly simple.

Driver Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit 3.00 (64-bit)

Saitek is the master of adjustable joysticks and some of that saitek command unit has gone into the PGCU. Introduction I would like to thank Saitek for making this review possible. Using the pre-set modes you commahd get the PGCU up and running with most games without having to mess around with software.


Both of these may be approaches saitek command unit are ideal for marketing purposes and general recognizability. All Saitek products that I have ever owned have been very easy to use and very customizable. Finally, there is a three-position switch on the upper left of the Command Unit that allows the user to change between three different sets of commands saitek command unit default, Saitek suggests one for FPS games, one for RTS games, and the last for everything else.

Founded inSaitek entered the gaming market in and since then has grown to become saitek command unit major brand in gaming peripherals for the PC. This site uses cookies.


Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit reviewed

Don’t subscribe Saiitek Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. All of the keys are back lit also, and laser-etched, so that even during the heat of battle, there should be next to saitek command unit fumbling.

One potential disadvantage of a supplemental controller like PGCU is that you have to take your hand off it to type into a text chat window. As with the Eclipse the keys are actually made from clear plastic and have been given saihek coating of silver paint.

They also saitek command unit chess computers and saitek command unit solutions.