And is it simple swap and plug and play, or more complicated? I didn’t see where it said that such a service was not implemented, but in response to your comment found another source which stated that IMAPI as a service was dropped after XP. Thanks for your help, by the way. As for it being the “best”, here’s the specs: Is there a better brand, or any preferred model number? It should be on the big label on top, or a smaller one underneath the drive. Is this cpu defective?

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anydvd not working with matshita UJD drive | RedFox Forum

I don’t have the wherewithal at this moment to do a reinstall of the OS. If so, you could try rolling back Windows using System Restore. Push the new drive in and you’re done.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone These are probably the FRUs you are looking for: The link I gave was from the Microsoft site, on a forum therein. Not sure why they would be missing Is it the best and most recent model?

anydvd not working with matshita UJ-842D drive

Whenever I end up burning a coaster, the first thing I try is another brand of blank disk. Are they all Matshitas? After uninstalling and reinstalling the Matshita, some of the successful but apparently empty discs now report unreadable to Windows. Isn’t the proprietary connector soldered to the PCB? In some cases it may be possible to swap bezels with your original unit.


It’s been a really reliable workhorse. I don’t quite understand why you explicitly said earlier that they were missing, and now suddenly you found them.

Play particular attention to “finalizing” your disk should be enabled if you never intend on adding anything to the disk and if the “test” or “simulation” mode is enabled. You are chasing the wrong thing. And is it simple swap and plug and play, or more complicated? There are even notes on how to repair it Also, if you’ve been able to burn disks many times before but only now you are having problems And no, U don’t know which program s bypass this API and use their own.

It’s not uncommon for a burner to fail after a while, and it depends on how much it’s been used. I use Total Commander myself. Truly there is conflicting data on all of this.

Is this cpu defective?

Thanks again for the jelp! And assorted poltergeist phenomena.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: While I have had very few drives go bad 2? Anyway, I have no way masthita testing the drive no Thinkpadders I know near meso I may have to just order it.


MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-842 resources, firmwares and drivers

Fix KB Article Number s: Since sfc did not work, your system might have a backup copy matshiga the program that System Restore could recover for you. Other than that, you may be able to extract the file from your OS disc using something along these lines: A great utility for file management and everything, but it is not free You are wasting your matsbita here, and are more likely to cause some weird damage to your OS trying to fix a problem that does not exist, than solve your issue.

I’m playing with T61p yes, it’s finally working againand I have noticed it’s running little bit hotter than it should.

That depends entirely upon the mounting tabs that are used to hold it in place; each manufacturer will use their own design.