The table below shows the approximate number of images that can be stored on the included 8MB card for each available camera setting:. Toys and Tabletop Games by Bonnie Burton 7 days ago. Thus, Kodak’s lineup has jumped from 1. Kodak DC – digital camera Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. A Macro close-up feature adds the flexibility of focusing on small subjects at relatively close distances-between 9.

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The battery compartment on the right, bottom side of the camera is easily accessible for battery changing, but requires the camera to be removed from a tripod in order to access it. The body, at 5. Ziom using Center-Weighted metering to measure the light on a subject centered in the frame, and pressing the shutter button halfway, you can lock in an exposure and recompose the picture as you wish, without losing the original exposure rating.

Kodak DC240 – digital camera Series

AA standard form factor. Open the compartment door, insert the picture card into the slot, push ca,era all the way in, and you’re all set to capture images.

Overall, we found the DC to be a solid performer, with excellent color, and very rc240 viewfinder and exposure systems. In addition, the camera lets you specify the print order of different images that you capture. As with all digital zooms though, the more the image is magnified, the more blurry it becomes, since it is working with progressively less data the more the image is magnified.

okdak You should limit continuous use of the LCD during your picture-taking sessions for this purpose. For a full commentary on each of the test images, see the DC ‘s “pictures” page.

At this point, you can choose to delete the image immediately and re-shoot, or, if you do nothing, the image will be stored to the cameras picture card. Simply plug the AC adapter into the AC adapter connector under the connector cover on the left-hand side of the camera and you’re ready to snap some pictures.

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The additional 2x digital zoom capability can get you closer to your subject by magnifying the center of your image an additional two times, cropping the image to a x pixel size at the maximum 2x setting.

Pressing the Menu button in Capture mode brings up a menu for setting the most commonly-used picture-taking controls.

Kodak DC240 Zoom Digital Camera

How to scan and archive your old printed photos How to scan and archive your old printed photos by Sharon Profis. Re-test of a firmware-upgraded DC was done in early August, Best stores about three images per megabyte of storage space, Better stores four images per megabyte, and Good stores approximately seven images per megabyte. Connect Mode When you want to connect the camera to a PC for downloading of images, you first need to place the camera in Connect mode.

It isn’t a TTL Through The Lens optical viewfinder, but the clarity of the images in the viewfinder is more than acceptable for viewing at both the wide angle and the telephoto settings.

KODAK Taiwan: Digital & Applied Imaging – Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera

From right to left, key features are the onboard flash, viewfinder, light sensor flash and autofocuslens, and indicator light for the self-timer. Kodak DC – digital camera When you first cameea on the camera, the status display includes the number of pictures for which space remains on the picture card.

Depressing and holding the shutter button half-way after framing your subject locks in the auto focus prior to capture, allowing accurate focus for off-center subjects.

At the bottom of the LCD you’ll see smaller versions of the images that you have captured if there’s more than 1, of course. A Sharpness djgital provides three sharpness settings: This “Pictures Remaining” number is displayed in the lower-right hand corner of the status display.

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Super-fine JPEG x The DC’s molded plastic body measures 5.

The DC includes an optical glass lens that automatically focuses to provide the best capture of your subject. Or, Return to the Koeak Resource home page. Batteries load easily into the battery compartment, accessed from the bottom of the camera.

The LCD is used for both previewing and reviewing images, and for scrolling through and selecting camera menu options.

Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera | eBay

Note that this doesn’t appear to be a “true” brightness kodqk, in that it seems to just dgiital the display contrast, rather than the brightness of the LCD’s backlight.

Batteries load easily in the battery compartment in the bottom of the camera, and the AC adapter, video out, and serial ports are nicely tucked into the left-hand side of the camera behind rubber protector flaps for easy accessibility. Other than our general lack of fondness for digital zooms, the one complaint we have about the DC’s digital zoom is that it can’t be used in conjunction with the close-up mode: Manufacturer Overview Kodak has long been a “power player” in the world of digital cameras, but for some time now has had a noticeable gap in their product lineup, with inexpensive, easy to use consumer models at one end of the range the DC and DC Plusand powerful prosumer units with scripting and a host of advanced features at the high end the DC Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.