The two differences between this function and DispatchAny have been highlighted. Dispatch Routines A filter driver in the first place is used to modify the behavior of a device in some way. This article is for developers who want to start with Windows kernel filter drivers for the first time and want to experiment with a simple example with source code. I don’t see what this article adds to same samples provided in DDK File System Filter Driver Tutorial. Depending on the impact of the surrounding pixel values on the center pixel or the hot pixel, the filtering effect also changes. As with other drivers, filter driver also has initialization entry point DriverEntry.

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Add the result to the total value. An Ioatgachdevicetodevicestack File is made up of a set of named sections. The second variable KsIdentifier. It is not canceled by changing the Pin State. The following code is common for all the 3 alternatives described below: The IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack routine attaches the caller’s device object to the highest device object in the chain and returns a pointer to the previously highest device object.

The source pin maintains a pointer to the sink pin and can process incoming requests.

IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStackSafe function

Property sets are a way to access a group of related data on an object, and each property request can be fulfilled either synchronously or asynchronously. Each section begins with the section name enclosed in square brackets. Windows Management and Instrumentation WMI provides a standard interface between an instrumented driver and a browser which may be running on the local system or on a remote node across the network.


The driver object initially comes to you with all the MajorFunction table entries pointing to that default routine. In this method, the value of a pixel changes with respect to its surrounding pixel values.

On output, this parameter receives a pointer to the device object to which the SourceDevice was attached. The following lists property sets on a KS filter that are accessed to implement methods in the proxy on behalf of a filter or a pin on a DirectShow filter.

Typically, rejecting data indicates to a pin that it should halt sending more data. In contrast, property sets are used to get and set attributes. The class driver controls the request flow, calling the adapter minidriver when access to the adapter hardware is necessary. After both the class driver and the minidriver are initialized, the minidriver is passive and is called only by the class driver. That’s the function the system will call to alert us when there’s a hardware device to manage.

With this alternative, we need to get the device pointer by specifying device name to IoGetDeviceObjectPointer. In order to apply the filter, and explain a “filter grid” is used which explains what the filter does. Create dispatch routine is implemented as pass through except some debugging information is printed.

Method sets have unique identifiers that are used to retrieve the method set requested. The new Plug and Play architecture, encompassing “Ready to Run” and “Hot Swapping”provides for the dynamic detection of devices being inserted or removed from the system while it is operational, and notifying the appropriate device drivers, and possibly applications, that a device has been added or removed from the system.


A master clock is an integral part of stream synchronization. The intended purpose of an upper filter is to facilitate supporting a device that behaves in most respects like a generic device of its class but has some additional functionality.

IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStackSafe function – Windows driver | Microsoft Docs

Each interface has a medium-specific implementation, but the same interface can be implemented over several mediums. Articles Quick Answers Messages. There are no open issues. All the driver routines and the installation details are also covered. A file system filter driver calls IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStackSafe to attach its own filter device object SourceDevice above a device object TargetDevice belonging to a file system or another filter driver.

One can easily add a filter to an existing WDM driver by adding the UpperFilters to the hardware key for the device. The return value is the address of oiattachdevicetodevicestack device object is immediately underneath ours, which may be the PDO or the address of some lower filter device object.

IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStack function – Windows driver | Microsoft Docs

Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. It also makes Windows an effective platform for time-sensitive data streaming.

Target Platform Universal Header wdm.