The sole of the club has the same large numbers and sharp lines as the cavity in the iron. Holiday Cheer Contest Day 2: While I am working on fixing the problem, these clubs cover up my mishit. I purchased 2 hybrids and 5-A. In some cases a full club more than their normal distances. I am not too picky about grips. I would recommend these clubs..

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So much so that I have to be very careful when swinging them.

Something we rarely see, and was quite exciting. The performance of the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Edge Irons is excellent and you can really feel the extra power generated by the slightly stronger lofts. So these hybrids are not for everyone.

Callaway Diablo Edge Irons Review – Golfalot

Let the best iron for your game go in the bag. I played the Edge irons for the first time today and loved em! As someone previously said, it feels like cheating!!! Chris January 10, – 8: Fantastic Performance, very forgiving, great distance improvement. Overall, myself and the rest of testers really liked the look of the set quite a bit and they begged to be taken to the course. More than just the distance, what I found was a nice high ball flight that was slightly penetrating and the ball just soar in diavlo air.


If you feel the club slipping in your hand during your swing, you might as well go bury your ball in edbe woods and save yourself the time. But the stock shafts would not have worked.

Callaway Diablo Edge Irons

The irons offer a good feel for a GI iron and provide flat out amazing forgiveness. Bella Nova July 27, – 6: Odyssey Red Ball Putter. I am not too picky about grips. I would recommend these clubs. Ratings out of 5: Revie kind of name is Thom callawy I ended up odering a combo set ofthe Callaway Edge. Write a Review Rate This Product: From 9i to PW to AW runs 40, 44, and 49 degrees.

I have no confidence with my current irons and feel that this inconsistency is holding me back from improving my game. Paul Cadieux August 24, – 6: Just wish I could do it more often.

I hit the AW about 15 yards further than calladay previous AW. Chuck F March 4, – 5: Chris, No, with no lofts and technologies, I would have to give that title to the Cleveland Black irons. I went to a 54 degree SW and 58 degree LW and have had zero issues. Bool June 21, – 8: They are very close in performance, but the edge had more feel suprising for a Callaway.

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Tim M March 18, – 5: Where this really stands out, diabol me, is with the short irons. Overall — The testers came away from this set absolutely raving about them. The 9 iron is only 40 degrees. Looks The irons have strong, sharp lines that draw you right in.