You seem to say it’s comparatively quiet. Its top-mounted power connectors could, on the other hand, prevent installation into some compact gaming cases. That lack does however make it easy to see the two missing memory modules in the picture above which are both filled in 1GB version. While we are always happy to see when the GPU frequency is given we also would have wished to see the shader and memory frequencies. From that point, compare the warranty and customer support options.

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Looking to replace my GTX and the is by far looking like the best bet at the moment, not too keen on the design of this heatsink asus engtx460 top.

Far Cry 2 DX ASUS has also put a better cooler on the card for lower asus engtx460 top and increased the voltages to give it better stability. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.

ENGTX DirectCU TOP/2DI/MD5 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

Predator 8 – Overclocking 9 – Power-Temp 10 – Conclusion. Furmark works great for testing the stability of a GPU as the temperature rises to the highest possible output. Call of Duty Asus engtx460 top Warfare 2 Testing: Has the CU cooler. Unsubscribe at any time.

Roundup: Nine GeForce GTX 460 1 GB Boards Benchmarked

Because I seriously doubt you’ll be able to reach mhz and only see that little difference you saw. This is because by the time that you purchase the card and get it to your doorstep, there will usually be updated versions of the drivers that you will have asus engtx460 top download sngtx460.


The picture on the Newegg site shows a blue version with a non-Tops part number. Ooops — Olin Coles You can use them on any asus engtx460 top with PCI-E. Overall not what comes to mind when we think of a TOP quality overclock.

Inconveniently timed, as I order the MSI tol one a few nights ago, for the same price as the Palit one. There seem to be very few alternatives and most seem to be the reference design type, which looks almost the same as the series cooler asus engtx460 top from my experience wasnt particularly quiet. The engtx640 you linked to isn’t the right one — sportwarrior They’re due out in the near future as asus engtx460 top.

As said, excellent article.


It also goes over some of the specifications again along with the marketing for Voltage Tweak and the cooling solution. Results 1 to 1 of 1. I bought the Asus Top last Thursday before this article was posted. The asus engtx460 top you linked to is not that model.

Test Settings Page Pro asus engtx460 top — Kvantti Intel should really be ashamed. I want to overclock stock asus engtx460 top as much as possible asus engtx460 top keeping fan noise being annoying say – max 40db under constant full load. If you have more to spend and want more performance, they’ve just released the Ttop series of cards for quite a bit more money. Under the larger box is where you are going to find the card itself, wrapped up in plastic and placed in a foam bed to keep it from moving around and getting damaged while being transported.


There seem to be very few alternatives and most seem to be the reference design type, which looks almost the same as the series cooler that from my experience wasnt particularly quiet. It used to be that PC video games such as Crysis and Far Cry 2 were as demanding as you could get, but that was all back before DirectX brought tessellation and to the forefront of graphics.

From all the other reviews I’ve read that measures the noise levels, most fans are noisy at high RPMs asus engtx460 top the stock blower doesn’t keep cards auss enough for high asus engtx460 top.

The 1GB model they have has the blue shroud and has stock settings but no mention of TOP in it’s name. I’m left wondering if there is any difference between the two models beyond the factory overclock. If the price of this card is right for your budget, then it’s entx460 good choice.

It does however show two key features of the video card for anyone trying to compare two GeForce GTX s.